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Template: Guest Intake Form

Created by Jessica Kupferman
Updated December 12, 2022
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Below are the questions we recommend you use, with an explanation as to why they are there. This is just a guideline, so feel free to add or take away any questions. This form is also a downloadable PDF so you can print it off and do what you like with it.

Please include your bio below :

This is what is used to introduce the guest.

Please attach your favorite headshot:
For marketing purposes.

Skype Handle:
This is how we connect with our guests. If you have a different method, include it here.

The following is for a “links” section in the show notes we used to help our listeners connect more with the guest.

Facebook :

Any other social you prefer to the above:

The following section is a section we devised for future lead magnets. We later created lead magnets directly related to the below questions – one of time management techniques, one of ‘breaking the business rules and coming out on top.” So think for a moment – what one piece of advice could they give to your listeners that you could later compile a lovely e-book of about 50 of these?

When it comes to being an entrepreneur, what are your specialties?:

Have you ever broken any business rules, and had it work out for the better?:

What’s a secret or lesson you wish you had known before you started?:

Please list your best time management or scheduling tip below.:

The next question is one that has several purposes. 1. It gets them ready for a completely relaxed and fun conversation that could go off in lots of directions 2. It makes them feel as if they’re going to have to be very honest because we might ask something personal, 3. It puts them in the position of COMPLETELY trusting us not to talk about whatever they’ve requested. So we are already building a relationship before we even get started.

Do you have any subjects that are off limits?:

Is there anything you’re totally into lately? Doesn’t have to be business related.:


This section is to get written permission that is CLEAR – it’s YOUR show and you own it, so they don’t have a right to have a digital download of it and that you can market it with their face. They can’t come back and get salty about it.

These questions are really important.

By checking this box, I agree that my name and headshot can be used for promotion:

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